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The Hugchair can be the new addition to your already stylish home, a device that is geared to soothe and relax your body. Our Superhero-themed Hugchairs are an ideal entertainment device for any modern home fully functioned to awaken the magic in all of us.

This luxuriously smart furniture can be added to any leisure room that your family and friends might share. Along with it being energy and space efficient, the technology behind our Hugchairs is truly revolutionary. The adjustable knobs within the chair help locate the correct height of your shoulder while the rolling massage rollers knead the length of your back, to rejuvenate your body after a long day. A built-in heating system placed on the back and seat of your chair functions to not only relax your muscles but also soothe any joint pain. Heat is also known to open the pores, ridding the body of toxins. Airbags that maneuver the waist and hip area are powerful additions to the already innovative technology packed into our Hugchairs.


Benefits to hugchair massage:

  • Improves the body circulation
  • Boosts immune system by helping fight infection
  • Eases lower-back pain
  • Enhances your mood
  • Relieves anxiety and stress
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Relaxes muscles and helps maintain good posture by aligning the spine
  • Aids in sculpting a healthier, fit body


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